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SH 300 Busbar Processing Station

SH 300 Busbar Processing Station

Station for cutting, hole punching, bending and offsetting Al and Cu busbars as well as inserting nuts:
width range: 30 ÷ 125 mm
thickness range 5 ÷ 12 mm
bending angle range 15° ÷ 90°
Special features:
equipped with an adjustable bending angle indicator (graduation rate of the resolution is 5°, measurement does not include the elasticity of the busbar)
equipped with a bumper with scale (adjustment ruler range is 200 mm, accuracy of 1 mm)
body height adjustment (accuracy of 1 mm)
burr-free round and oval holes punching
burr-free busbars cutting
standard set for inserting nuts SH 307, SH 303
Works with:
H 800 hydraulic pump and AH 100, AH 500, AH 550, AH 500L hydraulic units (need to be ordered separately).
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 550x540x430 mm;
Weight with standard equipment 57 kg;
Force: 150 kN;Pressure: 630 bar

SKU: SH300 Category:

Equipment Type SH 300
Insert for bending (angle indicator) SH 301 x
Insert for bending with limit switch SH 301-K x
Insert for cutting SH 305 x
Insert die for busbars offsetting. Standard dimensions 12; 10; 8; 6; 5 SH 306 x
Round hole punch (standard dimensions according to the catalog) SH 303 x
Adapter for punches SH 303 and SH 304 SH 303-03 x
Oval hole punch (standard dimensions according to the catalog) SH 304 x
Rectangular hole punch (dimensions according to order: maximum up to 21 mm diagonal, side not shorter than 6,6 mm) SH 309 x
Insert die for inserting nuts (applies to ERKO nuts, others on request) SH 307 x

x – additional equipment on request