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SH 400 Busbar processing station

SH 400 Busbar processing station

Station for cutting, bending, hole punching, offsetting Al and Cu busbars as well as inserting nuts:
busbar width from 30 ÷ 125 mm
busbar thickness 5 ÷ 12 mm
bending angle range up to 90°
Special features:
equipped with smoothly adjusted bending angle sensor
equipped with measuring rulers (line ruler)
height adjustment of hole punching head (1mm precision)
burr-free round and oval holes punching
burr-free busbars cutting
built-in reliable hydraulic drive
equipped with port for ERKO hydraulic heads (hydraulic hose with quick coupler PM 630 bar)
standard set for inserting nuts include SH 407 insert and round hole punch SH 403
(need to be ordered separately), chart below
Total dimensions: (LxWxH): 1280x850x1420 mm;
Weight incl. standard equipment: 280 kg; Pressure: 630 bar;
Power: 3 x 400V/230V; 1,1 kW

SKU: SH400 Category:

Equipment Type SH 400
Insert for repeatable bending (built-in limit switch) SH 401PLC-K
Busbar cutter SH 405
Insert die for busbars offsetting SH 406PLC x
Additional worktop SH 408PLC x
Round hole punch (standard dimensions according to catalog) SH 403 x
Oval hole punch (standard dimensions according to catalog) SH 404 x
Rectangular hole punch (dimensions according to order: max diagonal 21 mm, side not shorter than 6,6 mm) SH 409 x
Insert die for inserting nuts SH 407 x
Additional busbar support SH 408 x
Bending without correction (not complying busbar flexibility) precision of repeatable bending ±2°
Repeatable offsetting x

– standard equipment, x – additional equipment on request