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ERKO AERO is stands for technologically advanced, personalized products. Our factory in Czeluśnica produces parts used in the aviation industry for tubular assemblies of turbofan engines, as well as turned parts and machined parts and including CNC machining. We deliver our products goto the many main producers in the AEROSPACE sector.

The beginnings of aviation production at ERKO date back to 2007. Our first client was WSK “PZL-Rzeszów” S.A. for which we started the production of sheet metal parts for pipe tubular assemblies. Along with the development of sheet metal production, we also improved the production of tooling that we designed and made ourselves for the needs of production. The turning point was the construction of a new production hall and obtaining the AS9100 certificate in 2011. The investments in the machinery park allowed us to extend the scope of our activity to machining. At present, we produce aviation parts by the method of plastic processing and machining. We also manufacture as well as tooling. Our main clients are: WSK “PZL-Rzeszów” S.A., Pratt & Whitney Tubes, and Hamilton Sundstrand Poland.