We carry out projects which are demanding and complex in terms of engineering and technology projects. We analyse the needs of our clients. Then we design, build, launch, and service automated production lines. Thus, we maximise the efficiency of the process and increase the work safety and ergonomics. We have implemented our solutions for clients from the electrotechnical, automotive, and aviation industry, as well as the production of sheet metal elements and for the natural gas distribution industry.

Design and production

The rich experience of ERKO gives our clients the certainty that we are able can to implement even the most difficult and complex projects in terms of engineering and technology. projects. We are dedicated to our client’s success.

Modern work tools, and an experienced team of ERKO engineers allow us to meet the needs of customers our clients and ensure safe implementation of the investment.

We offer a non-standard a tailor-made and flexible approach to the requirements and needs of our clients. We provide modern and innovative solutions that guarantee a quick return on investment.