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About ERKO


We are a leading manufacturer of various types of cable terminals and connectors as well as tools for electrical work in Poland. Our own design offices, advanced production technology and modern and comprehensive machinery park allow us to quickly respond to individual customer needs. Due to the dynamics of development and market segmentation, we have created three product divisions: ELECTRO, AERO, ROBOTICS. We are distinguished by our care for the highest quality of products and customer service. We owe our strong position to our passion for continuous development. We are and will remain a family business. Thinking about the future, we prepare the next generations to work with respect for the values important to our family and business.

Do you know that…

  • the third generation of the Pętlak family is preparing for the succession
  • we supply several hundred structural elements for passenger aircraft
  • we have completed 55 EU projects
  • we export among others to the Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada and China