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We make the history together

It has been 40 years #ThinkFuture

The 40 years of ERKO have been marked by the development of the family business, bold decisions, learning, drawing conclusions, and openness to innovative solutions. From a small metal works, we turned into a leading manufacturer for industry on international scale.

Entrepreneurship turned out to be a trait passed down from generation to generation, and the passion for development – a family tradition. We remember our roots, but we look boldly to the future and that is why we are expanding our business in new markets. We have created three ERKO divisions: ELECTRO, AERO, and ROBOTICS. And we still see a place for ourselves in other industries.

We have been focused on development and change for 40 years, to which we owe our effective support of clients in achieving their goals. As a family business, we care about the better future of the company and its employees. Who are we today?

  • a family company, managed by the founders’ sons and even employing whole families as it happens.
  • an organisation powered by people, namely 300 qualified specialists in variety of fields and solutions implemented for our clients all over the world. Our designers invented and patented, i.a., new generation of “PIRANHA” connectors and innovative “SHARK” technology of connectors
  • one of the key suppliers of parts for engines of such global manufacturers in the Aero industry, like Boeing or Airbus
  • an advisor in the field of automation of production processes in the largest factories in Poland (we design, manufacture, and commission equipment and lines)
  • an exporter to the Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Canada, China, Israel, Iraq, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine
  • an owner of two manufacturing plants, one in Jonkowo near Olsztyn and second in Czeluśnica near Jasło, distant more than 500 km, yet connected by their shared values


We will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Company opening the new factory and the Research and Development Centre ERKO4. Our fully automated plant will be an example of application of solutions increasing production efficiency in industry with respect for the environment. We will create an educational space for high school youth and students preparing for the profession. Entrepreneurs considering automation and robotisation of production will be able to have look at implemented and working solutions and co-create machines and equipment meeting their personalised needs.

In September, it will be our pleasuere to invite you to the jubilee conference, which will take place on the premises of the new manufacturing plant. It will be an opportunity to visit the interior of ERKO4 together and, together with special guests, talk about creating a family business – from a small metalworks plant to green automation and the future of industry.

People make the company

We owe our current position to the commitment and joint work of the entire team. This is a result of responsible attitude of the entire ERKO team, its creativity and professionalism. The 40th anniversary of the company is a great opportunity to get to know the people who make it and work for the success of ERKO every day.