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HZP Protective helmet

The helmet has an integrated protective face shield that provides protection for the head
against mechanical shock and splashes. It protects face, eyes and neck from electric
threats occurring during work under voltage up to 1000V and protects against the effects
of UV radiation.
Helmet parameters:
made of polyamide
property to protect against electric shock (Class 0) 1000VAC, 1500 VDC
amortization ability after conditioning at temperatures (-30°C, + 50°C degrees)
puncture resistance after conditioning at temperatures (-30°C, + 50°C degrees)
resistance to lateral deformation
resistance to splashes of molten metal
The parameters of the cover:
made of polycarbonate with a thickness of 1.5 mm
impact resistant of average energy – Impact velocity of 120 m/s ball having a
mass of 0.86 g
protection against drops and liquid splashes
protection against molten metal and hot solids
resistant to fogging
protection against electric arc
resistance to UV radiation filter code and the level of protection 2-1, 2
luminance factor scattering of light (optical class 2)
VLT factor of > 78% (Class 0)
protection against thermal hazards caused by electric arc (Class 1)

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