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GC 100-H800-E Safety cable cutting set

GC 100-H800-E Safety cable cutting set

Safety hydraulic cable cutting set for Al and Cu cables, when the voltage is impossible
to determine. Equipped with hydraulic head, pump with manometer and automatic
retraction, earthing wire, hydraulic hose (10 m). Maximum nominal tension – 60 kV.

Technical data:
GC 100-H 800-E
Maximum cable diameter – 96 mm, cables with or without iron sheath reinforcement.
NOTE: do not use for steel reinforced wires.
Pump weight: 8,4 kg; Head weight: 7 kg; Force: 80 kN

The sets are attested, which is obligatory for them to be used by electricity distribution companies, power stations and factories as well as other companies producing,
transmitting or using electricity.

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