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Busbar processing station


Busbar processing station

Perfect for precise bending, cutting, punching holes, inserting nuts, and offsetting busbars

One device which five possibilities

Discover our multi-functional machine

Busbar processing can be easy and precise with the right tool at hand. The solutions designed by engineers in ERKO facilitate professional busbar processing for both aluminium and copper. Machines manufactured by ERKO facilitate burr-free cutting without any sharp edges, precise bending and twisting, and accurate hole cutting. The machine tool has been designed in such a way to assist its operator in busbar processing: It means that it warns if the calibration is wrong, it indicates errors; and it remembers particular dimensions.

Easy Operation

SH900 is equipped with a seven inch touch screen programmed in several languages. It offers a lot of possibilities and can do even more when it comes to information about the busbar being processed.

An illustrative and clear help module has been added to the programme that allows the operator to process the busbar correctly. The interface will inform if the applied tool is the wrong one and it will detect occurring problems. Moreover, the service module gained an extension for statistics: It all has improved the quality of work.

The use of a busbar measuring ruler mounted on the station's worktop ensures performance of perpendicular cuts. The introduction of controlled press eliminated the need to recalibrate the busbar position before the next cut. The hydraulic system of SH 900 busbar processing station has a precise hydraulic fluid flow regulator and all the equipment required for the efficient work.

A specially designed valve control card with a controller and a suitably written programme allow for precise control of the process of bending. The process of bending by including the elasticity of the bent busbar allows for precise and repeatable bending regardless of dimensions of the busbar and the material it was made of.


• equipped with a programmable electronic bending angle sensor (bending angle accuracy up to 0.5°) in the whole range of processed busbars
• equipped with measuring rulers allowing for positioning with the accuracy of 0.1mm
• precise height adjustment of the hole punching head (accuracy of 0.2 mm)
• burr-free round and oval holes punching
• burr-free busbars cutting
• built-in reliable hydraulic drive
• automatic identification of the equipment in use
• bending angle adjustment to busbar elasticity
• electronic length measurement of the busbar being cut (up to 6 m)
• electronic length measurement of the busbar bent or punched (up to 0.5 or 1.2 m)
• busbar offsetting repeatability
• additional side worktop
• rotatable touch screen with adjustable tilt angle
• equipped with control socket
• equipped with additional port for ERKO hydraulic heads
(hydraulic hose with PM 630 bar quick coupler)


Owing to application of materials and solutions which proved to be reliable in other ERKO products, the machine guarantees efficient, lasting, and trouble-free operation. The controller of the machines contains information about the required periodic inspections of the machine. Additionally, the “help” module has been added. It contains information covering the operation of the machine. The use of a compact hydraulic drive significantly reduces the cost of maintenance related to the amount of hydraulic fluid and power demand.


BPS is a group of intelligent busbar processing machines, designed to multi-stage and high-performance shaping of copper, aluminium, and bimetallic busbars.


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