Intelligent devices for processing busbars


BPS is a group of intelligent busbar processing machines, designed to multi-stage and high-performance shaping of copper, aluminium, and bimetallic busbars.


Our response to the needs of the modern market

The constant strive for improved efficiency of modern switchboards sets higher and higher quality requirements for the busbars used in them. In response to the demand of the market, the company ERKO has designed a new group of intelligent machines for multi-stage and high-performance shaping of busbars. The variety of machines offered in the BPS line allows us to offer the machine which is suitable in terms of production volume, technological advancement, and complexity of implemented projects of any individual company.


Main features of the family
of BPS machines

Innovative assistance system of the operator

The intelligent solutions applied in the BPS group of machines support the operator during busbar processing. They supplement the operator’s knowledge with construction-, technological-, and material-related aspect and protect the operator against making a non-compliant busbar.

Busbar geometry always in line with the design

Minimising risks and saving material

Intelligent assistance of the operator

Get to know our devices for processing busbars​

BPS 1200 busbar processing station

Station for precise cutting, bending, and punching of Al, Cu, and Al-Cu busbars

busbar width: 20 ÷ 125 mm,  busbar thickness: 5 ÷ 12 mm,  bending angle: 5 ÷ 90 °

Total dimensions:2000 mm x 3800 mm x 1700 mm
Total dimensions:650 kg
Power supply:3×400/230V AC
Electric power:2kW
Working pressure:630 bar

Special features

BPS-P busbar processing station

Station for precise cutting, bending, and punching of
Al, Cu, and Al-Cu busbars

busbar width: 20 ÷ 160 mm, busbar thickness: 3 ÷ 15 mm, maximum length of the cut busbar: 4 metres

Total dimensions:7253 mm x 3639 mm x 2000 mm
Total dimensions:3200 kg with the hydraulic power pack
Power supply:3×400/230V AC
Electric power:21kW
Working pressure:300 bar

Cechy szczególne

BPS Intelligent Line — Why is it worth it?


It covers every stage of production, that is self-suciency and comprehensiveness.


High performance,
that is, speed of action and savings
in time and money.


Technological advancement,
that is, a chance to implement complex


Cutting edge technology and exibility,
that is an intuitive way of designing
and intelligent operator support.


Precision and repeatability,
that is, the compliance of the design
with the nal product and compliance
with current requirements.


Supplier with 40 years of experience,
that is, a trusted and reliable business
partner who operates in the industry
the ERKO company has learnt inside out.

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