PIRANIA - a new generation of connectors and screw terminals.

Fittings that eliminate the most common problems and have full IEN certification.


Shear off screw terminals and connectors are an alternative for crimping technology . The principle of technology are shear off head screws enabling universal and fast application . The special feature is possibility of applying one connector for wires of different structure and wide cross section range .

A new generation of screw connectors and terminals

Responding to the increasing market requirements, ERKO has developed and introduced a new generation of PIRANIA screw connectors and terminals. The system is distinguished by a special design of the cable core pressing unit to the body of connector and terminal.
After tightening the screw to the cable core and with the appropriate clamping force, the screw breaks - always flush with the body. This is possible due to the use of a cone-shaped tubular bolt and self-generated axial forces stretching the bolt in the section between the connector body and the bolt head.

Due to the appropriate length of the connector body thread, the bolt is always flush with its external surface after breaking. Axial forces stretching the bolt are generated by special discs located in the bolt's axial bore.


• Invariable repeatability of the bolt breaking place (regardless of the type and size of the conductor) flush with the outer surface of the connector body
• Copper and aluminium class 1, 2 and 5 connectors in the entire cross-section range from 10 to 1000 mm2
• Guarantee of no damage to cable conductors during the assembly process
• Higher resistance to clamping force relaxation
• Reduction of partial discharges in connectors
• The versatility of the system lies in a significant reduction in the number of sets of connector-pressing unit in comparison to traditional solutions
• Repeatability of the cable connection system in terms of the required clamping force
• Reduction of friction forces during the installation of the connection system on the cable conductor = no damage to the cable conductors when installing the connector
• Possibility to connect class 5 flexible conductors for which currently there are no screw fittings to connect them


• Possibility of using one connector for conductors that differ in structure and within wide cross-section range
• Savings in terms of keeping smaller stock level(for example, 2 types of connectors per warehouse will be enough instead of 10)
• Versatility
• Rapid assembly
• Wide cross-section range(single connecting element)
• Simple and quick assembly(with small and light tools)
• Worldwide innovative coupling system for cable conductors of class 1, 2 and 5, both Cu and Al

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