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TPWK Perlon fish tape

TPWK Perlon fish tape

Perlon fish tape for pulling following cables:
Special features:
high strength, resistance, flexibility
placing the fish tape in a pipe of a diameter of 20-25 mm
completed with removable carrying and towing stalk

SKU: TPWK Category:
Symbol Colour Ø Length Material
TPWK 4-10-B white 4mm 10m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-10-C black 4mm 10m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-15-B white 4mm 15m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-15-C black 4mm 15m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-20-B white 4mm 20m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-20-C black 4mm 20m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-30-B white 4mm 30m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-30-C black 4mm 30m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-5-B white 4mm 5m perlon,brass
TPWK 4-5-C black 4mm 5m perlon,brass


Pulling element Colour Ø Material
SC TPWK-B white 4mm mosiądz
SC TPWK-C black 4mm mosiądz


Guide element Colour Ø Material
SP TPWK-B white 4mm mosiądz
SP TPWK-C black 4mm mosiądz